AI-Powered Banking Modernization.
Zero Trade-Offs.

FlowX.AI is the first AI-powered, end-to-end modernization platform designed to help banks modernize and develop with unprecedented speed and security.
No trade-offs.
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Modernizing legacy

Top banks modernize their legacy systems with FlowX through a patented four-step process - accelerated by our patent-pending AI Core Technology. This method rapidly modernizes and monetizes legacy systems, enabling the creation of groundbreaking digital commercial products that leverage existing data and services for unparalleled innovation.

Modernizing business processes

FlowX.AI enables banks to modernize core business processes - streamlining tedious, inefficient workflows into unified, intuitive experiences that customers love. The results are unmatched operational efficiency, reduced costs, and top-line growth.

Supercharging digital development

FlowX.AI supercharges development timelines, delivering a 10x increase in time-to-market with its AI-driven, agile platform. By automating app development, we empower teams to innovate and build at faster than ever to stay ahead of market trends and exceed customer expectations. With FlowX.AI, your capacity to create and deliver is limitless.


Rapidly connect the platform to any legacy enterprise systems.

Step 2: Revive

Easily build modern digital products on top of the platform.

Step 3: Augment

Add new capabilities quickly.

Step 4: Modernize

Decommission legacy systems with no business discontinuity while continuing to build digital products on top of the platform.

The future of banking is now.
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FlowX.AI delivers unparalleled results for our customers - from faster time-to-value, to unprecedented operational cost-savings and ROI.
Faster time-to-market
4 Weeks
Vs 1+ year to first deployment
Saved on average per use case/year
FlowX.AI works with leading global and regional banks, financial institutions, and businesses, providing seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions to drive customer success and lead the evolution of enterprise technology.
"To us, FlowX.AI is a business asset, not an IT asset. We're shifting from technology that is a constraint, to an enabler."
-Zoltán Kaszás
Group Managing Director
"FlowX.AI’s robust and scalable architecture is impressive. Their capability of creating digital flows is beautiful, simple, efficient and fast."
-Dana Dima
Board Member, BCR ERSTE
FlowX.AI partners closely with top technology and consulting firms, leveraging these strategic relationships to deliver unparalleled value to global and regional banks.
"FlowX.AI delivers value, multiple times faster, through its ability to integrate its modern platform with any existing stack, through plug-and-play functionality."
-Prakash Pattni
Dir of Digital Transformation
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