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Open, flexible, secure, and AI-enhanced application modernization for the banks of the future.
Imagine a banking world where systems talk to each other seamlessly, complex tasks are handled with ease, and innovative apps come to life effortlessly. With FlowX.AI, the bank of the future is being realized today, all in one platform.
Reduction in time and cost of application modernization.
Average yearly cost-savings FlowX customers achieve
Banking customers benefiting from FlowX.AI application modernization.
AI that enhances your technology, business, and user experience end-to-end.
Application integration, orchestration, and development in one platform.
Code, cloud, and infrastructure agnostic for no vendor lock-in and complete control.
Zero Trust security ensures uncompromized data protection and access control.
Robust and elastic scalability, to effortlessly adapt and grow digital solutions in real-time.
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Our AI Core revolutionizes application development by automating up to 80% of the process, significantly speeding up the creation of digital products while ensuring they're adaptable and user-centric.

FlowX.AI delivers cutting-edge functionalities that enhance integration, scalability, and the overall digital experience, enabling banks to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.
Accelerated Development
Expedite the development process and enable rapid go-to-market strategies for new applications.
Intelligent Integration
Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and data sources without the need for complete overhauls.
Data-Informed Insights
Enhance user experiences, application performance, and decision-making within your organization.
FlowX.AI stands out as a single, unified platform that consolidates system integration, process orchestration, and experience layers, providing a comprehensive solution for modernizing digital infrastructure with unmatched speed, scalability, and security.

This all-in-one approach simplifies the complexity of digital transformation, enabling banks to rapidly deploy and manage applications across various environments without compromising on performance or protection.
Deploy on top of existing systems to create new digital products.
Modernize and run front and back-end logic without disruptions.
Decouple use of existing functionality without downtime.
FlowX.AI's open architecture eliminates vendor and technology lock-in, offering connectors for seamless integration with any system, alongside a versatile no-code and full-code approach with BYOC capability.

This flexibility, combined with its infrastructure-agnostic cloud architecture, enables banks scalability and security, while fostering continuous development and innovation across private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.
No Lock-In
No vendor/technology lock-in, integrate with any existing system.
Bring Your Own Code open platform architecture gives you freedom.
Teams can build amazing experiences with no-code plus full code capabilities.
FlowX.AI prioritizes full-scale security, embedding advanced protections within its architecture to safeguard data integrity, ensure privacy, and comply with stringent regulatory standards across all digital solutions.

The zero Trust approach provides businesses with the confidence to innovate and scale, knowing their applications and data are protected against emerging threats and vulnerabilities in today's dynamic digital landscape.
Zero Trust
Verification of all users and devices, both within and outside your organization.
At rest and in transit, securing sensitive information from unauthorized access.
Containerized microservices architecture isolates services, reducing vulnerability.
FlowX.AI delivers unparalleled enterprise scalability tailored for the banking industry, ensuring seamless creation and expansion of digital services without compromising on performance, data integrity, or security.

With its advanced, containerized microservices architecture and comprehensive Zero Trust security model, we provide banks with the agility and protection needed to innovate and grow in the fast-evolving financial landscape.
Expand your digital infrastructure across private, public, hybrid cloud, or on-prem.
Elastic Scalability
Automatically scales resources up or down based on demand without compromise.
Event Driven
Services and components operate independently for flexibility and scalability.
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FlowX.AI works with leading global and regional banks, financial institutions, and businesses, providing seamless integration of cutting-edge solutions to drive customer success and lead the evolution of enterprise technology.
"To us, FlowX.AI is a business asset, not an IT asset. We're shifting from technology that is a constraint, to an enabler."
-Zoltán Kaszás
Group Managing Director
"FlowX.AI’s robust and scalable architecture is impressive. Their capability of creating digital flows is beautiful, simple, efficient and fast."
-Dana Dima
Board Member, BCR ERSTE
FlowX.AI partners closely with top technology and consulting firms, leveraging these strategic relationships to deliver unparalleled value to global and regional banks
"FlowX.AI delivers value, multiple times faster, through its ability to integrate its modern platform with any existing stack, through plug-and-play functionality."
-Prakash Pattni
Dir of Digital Transformation
Our vision is a future where the banking and financial services sector, empowered by FlowX.AI, innovates freely, creating robust and customer-centric digital products that enhance financial well-being and elevate economic productivity.

Our core mission is to act as a catalyst for groundbreaking software development that revolutionizes innovation and efficiency benchmarks within the banking and financial industries.
Innovating Fearlessly
We challenge norms and push boundaries to build solutions that make a real difference.
Trust & Reliability
It's not just about great products; it's how we roll – transparent, dependable, no corners cut.
Championing Open Systems
Locking people in is not an option. We empower you with the tools and freedom to build, innovate, and excel.
Track Record
Our team has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation.
Visionary Approach
A commitment that AI should augment human capabilities, rather than replace them.
Industry Insight
Our firsthand experiences and insights into enterprise environments fueled our determination to solve pervasive issues.
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